Camper Detaching Checklist

Thursday, 29 May 2003
written by Sterling

Items in [brackets] are optional or don't always need doing.

  1. Park in the right place
  2. [Remove bikes from rack]
  3. Remove bike rack (from hitch receiver extension)
  4. Remove extension from truck's hitch receiver
  5. [Empty truck-bed storage]
  6. Unplug camper electrical umbilical
  7. Turn off satellite modems
  8. Bring in slideout
  9. Bring in side awning, if out
  10. [Remove shore power & water hookups]
  11. Lower camper onto truck (all weight off jacks) this minimizes stress on tiedowns for removal
  12. Remove tiedowns
  13. Remove tiedown points from truck's rear bumper
  14. Remove cabover struts
  15. Confirm front jack brackets swung out
  16. Lift camper high enough to clear truck bed
  17. Point the truck front wheels straight
  18. Slowly drive the truck out
  19. Park the truck
  20. Lower camper as far as possible. Leave room for:
  21. Put tiedowns, struts, hitch extension, etc. in a safe place
  22. [Extend side awning]
  23. Extend slideout
  24. [Reattach shore power & water hookups]
  25. Move license plate from camper to truck
  26. [Attach net tailgate across truck bed]
  27. Adjust shock absorber dampening (all the way down in back, halfway in front)
  28. Re-aim headlights (3.5 turns clockwise)
  29. Turn on satellite modems
  30. [Re-peak DataStorm]

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