Camper Attaching Checklist

Thursday, 29 May 2003
written by Sterling

Items in [brackets] are optional or don't always need doing.

  1. Empty truck bed (duh!)
  2. Stow net tailgate
  3. Move license plate from truck to camper
  4. Adjust shock absorber dampening (all the way up on all four corners)
  5. Attach alignment chain to underside of cabover
  6. Turn off satellite modems
  7. Bring in slideout
  8. Bring in side awning, if out
  9. [Remove shore power & water hookups]
  10. Position truck in front of camper using alignment aids
  11. Lift camper high enough to clear truck bed
  12. [Lubricate jacks]
  13. Confirm truck/camper position using side mirrors of truck from driver's seat
  14. Back the truck in until front of bed just touches front wall of camper
  15. Lower camper onto truck (all weight off jacks)
  16. [Lubricate tiedowns]
  17. Attach tiedowns
  18. Attach cabover struts
  19. Remove and stow alignment chain
  20. Replace extension into truck's hitch receiver, including locking pin
  21. Attach bike rack (into hitch receiver extension)
  22. [Replace bikes on rack]
  23. Attach camper electrical umbilical
  24. Verify operation of all camper running & signal lights
  25. [Replace items into truck-bed storage]
  26. Re-aim headlights (3.5 turns counter-clockwise)
  27. If not departing right away:

  28. Extend jacks so they are firmly on ground
  29. [Extend side awning]
  30. Extend slideout
  31. [Reattach shore power & water hookups]
  32. Turn on satellite modems
  33. [Re-peak DataStorm]

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